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The Facts About Search Engine Marketing

If your business operates in Fort Lauderdale, FL, then you need to know about the benefits of marketing on the search engines.  Search Engine Marketing involves marketing your website by enhancing the traffic that comes to it by positioning your site strategically to be ranked highly by the search engines. The ranking is basically where you will appear when a relevant keyword is searched online. When you market through the avenue you need to ensure that you website is among the priority sites for the search engine algorithm. Is search engine marketing that essential to sweat over it?

What the numbers say

search engine marketinSearch engine marketing statistic indicates that 93% of the online experiences being with search engines such as Google. To be precise, Google dominates the search engines market share with between 65-70% market-capital. Of the 93% search engine experiences, 70% of the users click on the organic searches. Organic searches means that the searches that are not made out of advertisements. Other statistics indicate that 75% of the Fort Lauderdale searchers never scroll past the first page of the results page. Numbers do not lie.

What the numbers mean

From the numbers you are likely to get better marketing results if you market on the search engine than if you take other approaches. The percentage of online experience that begins with a search engine justifies the need to take that approach. It is definite that the other part of the market capital which is 7% already know what they are looking for and so they get there directly.

The numbers also show that while you are doing your search engine marketing, you will benefit more if you focus on Google rules. Google has the majority share of the online search activities. There are a number of rules that are set by the search engine giant that control the ranking that they award the website. The algorithm focuses on the content and the website layout.

Using search engine advertisements is not a good idea. They will cost you more and give you less result because the trend shows that most of the people who use search engines will prefer the organic searches than paid advertisements. You should consider methods such as SEO or search engine optimization to organically market your website rather than pay Google to advertise your site.

Lastly, the numbers show that if you are in the first page of the search results in the Fort Lauderdale, FL market, you are more likely to have a share of the traffic than if you are in the other pages. Most of the people who do their search will never look beyond the first page. They will select the websites that appear on the first page of the search results. This means that ranking is essential. If your page is highly ranked in the search engine then you will definitely get more traffic.

Optimizing your webs page for search engines is the most effective approach to online marketing. Investing in SEO is the key to driving traffic towards your website. There is no better place to put your money than with the right SEO company like,  that will give you better results. Consider investing in SEO for more traffic.