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Investing In a Swimming Pool Heater: Gas, Electric or Solar?

pool heater NaplesIf you are interested in using your pool during the colder seasons of the year in Naples, then it’s recommended that you get a pool heater. Go here: http://trysweetwaterpools.com/pool-heat-pumps to find out more about three different types of pool heaters, each with different functionalities. To avoid making the wrong choice, it’s recommended that you conduct some research on each type, getting to know their capabilities.

Solar Powered Pool Heaters: This type of pool heater is best suited for use in warmer climates, where solar energy can be harvested, throughout the year, with a lot of ease. Since these heaters are only powered by the sun’s rays, they do not increase the day to day cost of running your pool. Solar pool heaters require the use of a water pump capable of pushing the water through the heating system.

The initial installation cost of a solar water heater usually surpasses the cost of installing other available alternatives; however, the low maintenance cost and extended lifespan, of about 20 years, more than make up for this.

Electric Powered Pool Heaters: Homes considered unsuitable for solar heaters can be equipped with electric pool heaters. Their appeal stems from the fact that they can warm your pool irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions. These pumps work by compressing air drawn from outside and using it to heat the pool’s water.

Electric powered pool heaters are known to be relatively durable, lasting anywhere between five to ten years. They consume low amounts of electricity and are therefore cheaper to maintain.

Gas Pool Heaters: If your home’s pool is not used often, then consider using this type of pool heater. Just like the electric heaters described above, gas pool heaters can be used to raise pool temperatures to the desired level irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions. To heat the pool water, these heaters rely on a process in which the fuel, propane or natural gas, is ignited in a combustion compartment, producing heat.
These gas heaters however come with some glaring deficiencies as compared to the options described above. First and foremost, they are substantial in size and require added space for the storage of a gas tank. They consume a lot of gas and are therefore inefficient. Although they have an estimated useful life spanning five years, they usually require regular maintenance before the expiry of this period.

The fun associated with spending time in your pool does not have to end as summer draws to an end as well. With a suitable pool heater, you can have fun in the pool throughout the year, regardless of the season. Before choosing your pool heater Naples FL residents, call Sweetwater Pool Service , while you take the time to consider its size and the capabilities of the available selection of pool heaters.